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Name Title Email Phone
Alethea Barbaro Assistant Professor 216.368.2874
Florian Besau Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2882
Jenny Brynjarsdottir Assistant Professor 216.368.2902
Christopher Butler Senior Instructor and Theodore M. Focke Professorial Fellow 216.368.2881
Daniela Calvetti James Wood Williamson Professor 216.368.2884
Teresa Contenza Full-time Lecturer 216.368.6678
Julia Dobrosotskaya Assistant Professor 216.368.5423
Paula Fitzgibbon Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2306
Vincent Graziano Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2909
Weihong Guo Warren E. Rupp Associate Professor 216.368.5107
David Gurarie Professor 216.368.2857
Michael Hurley Professor 216.368.2885
Steven Izen Professor 216.368.2891
Joel Langer Professor 216.368.2897
Marshall Leitman Professor 216.368.2890
Debra McGivney Part-time Lecturer 216.368.0294
Colin McLarty Truman P. Handy Professor of Philosophy 216.368.2632
Elizabeth Meckes Associate Professor 216.368.5015
Mark Meckes Associate Professor 216.368.4997
Anirban Mondal Assistant Professor 216.368.1498
Silvia Saccon Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2882
Elizabeth Sell Full-time Lecturer 216.368.5108
Steven Sidik Part-time Lecturer 216.368.2897
Brad Simonelli Part-time Lecturer 216.368.0294
David Singer Professor 216.368.2892
Erkki Somersalo Professor 216.368.5190
Danhong Song Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2918
Wanda Strychalski Assistant Professor 216.368.5462
Stanislaw Szarek Kerr Professor of Mathematics 216.368.2913
Peter Thomas Associate Professor 216.368.3623
Elisabeth Werner Professor 216.368.2901
Patricia Williamson Senior Instructor 216.368.6013
Wojbor Woyczynski Professor 216.368.6942
Lingxing Yao Full-time Lecturer 216.368.2909
Longhua Zhao Assistant Professor 216.368.4838

Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
Manfred Denker Adjunct Professor
Harold S. Haller Adjunct Professor
Bo Hu Adjunct Assistant Professor
Carsten Schütt Adjunct Professor
Richard Varga Adjunct Professor

Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Associates

Name Title Email Phone
Ramzi Alsallaq Senior Research Associate
David Lyttle Postdoctoral Scholar


Name Title Email Phone
Sakeenah Bari-Harold Department Administrator 216.368.0463
Amber Fitch Department Assistant II 216.368.2880
Catherine Gaffen Department Assistant 216.368.5014


Emeriti Faculty

Name Title Email Phone
James Alexander Professor Emeritus
Alejandro deAcosta Professor Emeritus
Otomar Hajek Professor Emeritus
Dong Hoon Lee Professor Emeritus
Arthur E. Obrock Associate Professor Emeritus
Joseph Sedransk Professor Emeritus
Lajos Takacs Professor Emeritus
Charles Wells Professor Emeritus


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